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11-Cup SS Multi Cooker (White)


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Multi-Functional Cooker and Steamer
Keep Warm On/Off Switch
Stainless Steel Outer Pot
Stainless Steel Inner Pot
Accessories Include: User Manual, Measuring Cup, Rice Spatula, Inner Pot Lid, and Steamer Plate
TATUNG's TAC-11QM is a multi-functional rice cooker and steamer. This appliance is great for preparing hot fluffy rice, steaming veggies and seafood, and a variety of other dishes. This easy-to-use one step rice cooker makes up to 11 cups of uncooked rice (22 cups cooked rice). This is enough rice to serve large families or social gatherings. Durable 18/8 (food grade 304) stainless steel inner pot and outer pot, it's easy to clean and retains its luster over time. The indirect heating technology heats and steams the entire pot, so dishes are tastier and are cooked evenly. The cooker features a “Keep Warm On/Off” switch. With the keep warm switch ON, your dish will automatically keep warm after the cooker finishes cooking. Accessories include steam plate, inner pot lid, rice spatula, and measuring cup.
This multi-functional cooker has four modes. Braise mode which is ideal for lightly frying food. Steam Mode which is made possible by the outer pot that you can fill with water. You can also use this pot feature for cooking rice as well. The fourth mode is the stew mode. The stew mode is great for preparing soups and stew during cold weather months.
Our multi-functional rice cooker and steamer is a great way to prepare dishes like Fish Chowder, Moroccan lamb stew, and Jambalaya. This appliance will also save space by acting as a rice cooker and crock pot all in one appliance. This appliance is a great addition for small kitchens or kitchens where you need to preserve counter and storage space.

Model No TAC-11QM
Cups 11-Cup
Heating Type
Keep Warm Function On/Off Switch
Outer Pot Stainless Steel
Inner Pot Stainless Steel
Voltage 120 V ~ 60 Hz
Power Consumption 700W (cooking) / 40W (keep warm)
Color White
Package Weight 9.5 lbs
Package Dimension (W x D x H) 12.24" x 12.24" x 11.65"
Regulation UL Certified
Country of Origin Taiwan